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Social Media predictions for 2015

visual-social-media-web-pageSocial Media continues to grow rapidly in importance with business marketing strategies. At HdK we’re having a lot of discussions with Arts organisations about how to develop their digital strategies and embrace social media that little bit more.

Visual content continues to be the most popular form of content throughout all social platforms. It was reported at the end of 2014  that Instagram has over-taken Twitter in its popularity as the image and now short video continue to shoot upwards in popularity. Posts on Twitter and Facebook have a higher chance of engagement if they include visual content to attract attention.

My advice for 2015 is to upgrade your images to short videos. You can include up to 15 second videos on Instagram and Facebook videos are set to play automatically as you scroll down your timeline. Vine allows six seconds, with touch screen stop/start editing and Flipagram allows you to turn your favourite pictures into a short video roll. Fun videos with an impacting beginning will therefore catch your online audience attention as they scroll through their social media timelines.

Do you work in the Arts like us? Don’t forget you’ve already got amazing content right in front of your eyes. Go to rehearsals, take pictures and short videos and get them online! I recently attended a talk with dance Choreographer and Director Matthew Bourne who recently put on two celebrity galas of his current production of Edward Scissorhands at Sadler’s Wells. They were encouraged to tweet afterwards if they enjoyed the show. In the follow up to this the box office bookings soared. A few days later when the critic reviews came out the box office moved nowhere near as much. People are listening to online conversations and influential voices online far more than they are the reviews. Can you utilise this in your social media marketing?