Ennio Marchetto


Ennio Marchetto is the original quick-change artist, revolutionising the art of origami into hilarious theatrical magic. His Olivier Award-nominated, ‘wickedly funny’ and wildly entertaining show uses ingenious paper costumes, razor-sharp mimicry and split-second timing to create a hilarious whirlwind of popular icons.

We're huge fans of Ennio here at HdK, so it was a pleasure and privilege to be asked to redesign his website.

Ennio Marchetto

The brief: to take an ordinary-looking newspaper – a little bit bland and boring – and turn it into a treasure-trove of hidden surprises. Just as Ennio turns sheets of paper into hilarious characters.

We set to work, and, utilising animations and bright, bold colours, created something extraordinary out of something really quite ordinary. We hope you enjoy exploring the digital world of Ennio Marchetto just as much as we enjoyed making it.