How to figure out what content people are after on your website

  We’ve all visited a website as some point and not found the content we were after. Some users might simply leave the website, others will use the designated search field. The search field on your site can reveal exactly what your visitors are after. Giving you a great tool to optimize your website. To […]

The Julehygge Playlist for Christmas

Hans writes: I remember making my first mixtape with the help of my friend Vicky’s parents back in the seventies. It was music from their collection and introduced me to the likes of the Mammas and Pappas and Neil Diamond on one side and classical hits like Rossini’s The Thieving Magpie Overture and the theme for 2001: […]

How to get the right data about your users

Google analytics is a wonderful place for a digital marketer – it provides a wealth of data about the people using our website which can be sorted, analysed and filtered to our heart’s content. Google Analytics naturally shows everything on the website, including stats from everyone exploring the site, whether they’re working, visiting or editing. We […]

Are you Insta-savvy? Tips from Sarah on growing your Instagram audience

Sarah can talk for hours on what to do or not to do on social, so  she’s compiled a short list of tips that will help you grow your Instagram following and be more Insta-savvy. 1. HAVE A PLAN Like with most things in life, it’s best to be prepared. An Instagram strategy doesn’t have to be complex, […]

The one thing your site needs – Google Tag Manager

Today we live in a world where more than three billion people are online.  It has never been easier to reach more people at the same time than the age we live in right now. With the increased number of people online an old issue arises. How do I know if people are seeing my content and how do […]

Will the arts be taken over by AI Robots?

Articles about Artificial Intelligence (AI) abound in 2016. Searches  on Google have reached a new peak this month from five years ago. On top of that, with the launch of the new Pixel phone, Google has also positioned itself as an AI First company – a transition from a decade of being a Mobile First company. With […]

The imminent death of email has been greatly exaggerated

It’s quite ironic. Over the years, we have helped many of our clients with their email newsletters. We’ve helped build their lists, we’ve helped test what works best for their objectives, we’ve designed them, we’ve sent them, we’ve reported on their success. Over those years, I presented seminars across the UK and in Europe and […]

Website timelines

Working with over 200 arts organisations and producers we start to notice a few sector trends and one has been requests to create online timelines. They tie in particularly well when an organisation has reached a big birthday but can be used in all sorts of ways.  The ones we’ve built recently have all be […]

It’s time to WOW users: how to improve user engagement

Hi all, I’m Theis and I’m the new guy at the HdK office in Hoxton. To be more specific my daily duties include web development and solving all sorts of seemingly unsolvable issues. In September this year I joined the team after one year as a Dane trying out the big city life in London. Growing […]

Analytics gone mobile!

We are delighted to announce that Instagram have recently introduced analytics – or Insights, as the app calls them – and they look amazing! The new profiles offer businesses a wealth of super useful info that will help users reach the right audience at the right time. In this post we’ll give you a quick tour of the […]


In this blog post we’re talking Instagram – the fastest ever growing mobile social network. We’ve come up with some handy hints and tips we think small businesses ought to know – we hope it’s useful! Instagram has become an extraordinary social, visual space. With over 300 million active users per month globally on the […]

Dance Consortium’s Q & A with Nederlands Dans Theater

Working with Dance Consortium, a group of 17 large theatres located across the UK, HdK has the lovely job of sharing behind-the-scenes content from the international dance tours that Dance Consortium bring to the UK each year. Since 12 April 2016, the world-class Nederlands Dans Theater 2 has been touring venues across the UK; we have been catching the dancers where we […]

HdK’s guide to successful YouTube-ing

Not long ago Hans and I attended YouTube’s very own seminar where expert YouTubers divulged the best practises for implementing a super savvy video content strategy. And as YouTube is now the second largest search engine globally, we thought we’d share some useful pointers on how to tackle the beast – straight from the horse’s […]

Formatting images for the web – Part 2: Cropping a larger image to fit specific dimensions

While many content management systems include functions to crop images to size before uploading them to a website there are reasons why it may be better to prepare yourself using image formatting tools. But getting the formatting right can be tricky. In the last post we mentioned Photoshop and the free to use Pixlr as suitable […]

Happy New Year and happy tweeting!

Firstly to introduce myself, as you won’t have heard from me yet: I’m Sarah and I’ve taken over from the wonderful Sophie as Hans de Kretser’s social media savvy sidekick. Pleased to e-meet you! First of all, we’d like to wish you all a very happy Christmas and a very merry New Year! As the new year is […]

Young people and social media

On November the 13th, Sophie gave a talk on ‘young people and social media’ at Sadler’s Wells, as part of the Dance Education day. It was bitter sweet – sweet because it went down very well, and sparked some interesting discussions, but sad because it was Sophie’s last day at HdK. We’ll miss you Sophie! Here’s […]

Using the crop tool to select a square shape

Formatting images for the web – Part 1: Cropping a larger image into a square

  In this first post in a series, we look at cropping images for websites. Even with the excellent inbuilt WordPress functions, it is often better to crop images to size before uploading them to a CMS. Photoshop is an excellent tool for cropping the image and optimising the file size for web use but […]

Writing copy for your website? We’ve got a blog for that…

On today’s blog we’re discussing the best ways to write copy for your website. We’ve come up with some top tips to keep your audience engaged and ensure they’re taking note of what you have to say (Without telling them they’ll win £1,000,000 if they read to the end of the page…. Might work though?!) […]

Sophie learns to write brilliant copy… Can you tell?

HdK’s Sophie pretty much reckons she is the Queen of conversation, so we thought it would be a good idea to get her down to Shoreditch House to hear Eddy Lawrence deliver a talk on ‘How to write brilliant copy’. Well, why not try and be a least a Princess on paper too? Here is […]

Translating websites

Occasionally, our clients are interested in offering their website in multiple languages. As a result, we  signed up to a  recent talk by Pauline Eloi for Clever Boxer. Here are some of our notes from that talk combined with our own observations on how some of our own clients have managed the situation. In Pauline’s […]

Social Media predictions for 2015

Social Media continues to grow rapidly in importance with business marketing strategies. At HdK we’re having a lot of discussions with Arts organisations about how to develop their digital strategies and embrace social media that little bit more. Visual content continues to be the most popular form of content throughout all social platforms. It was […]

Social Video

Peter looks at the rise of Social Video in 2014 and where it will go in 2015: Social video has experienced an explosion in the last year and it brought forth a simultaneous explosion in user-generated video content. Last summer’s Ice Bucket Challenge saw a surplus of consumers creating video of their own, indicating the […]

2014? Check. Hello 2015

The new year is time to take stock of what has passed and what will be it seems. There have been so many reviews of 2014 and predictions for 2015 that I considered the best service I could offer was to review the reviews for our first post of the year. In 2014, HdK Assoc said a […]

Christmas and New Year opening times

We’d like to wish all our clients and colleagues a merry Christmas. It’s been a great year and we’re proud to have worked on so many new projects in 2014. Thank you. Although the office will be closed, emails to Hans will be checked periodically for urgent website requirements. Otherwise, we’ll return on the 5th […]