Twitter Tips & Struggles

Hi all, I’m Rochelle, the new apprentice at HdK. My daily duties include updating websites, being a lovely voice on the phone, research, assisting with the company’s social media and working on the lumpy mail campaign. As a stereotypical millennial I really enjoy using social media apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Instagram and of […]

Google Analytics for Beginners

At HdK we often get asked about implementing google analytics on websites, what this does and why it’s important for you and your organisation. Although I deliver in-house training sessions to help clients achieve a deeper understanding of google analytics, I wanted to give an introduction to the topic here for all of you who […]

Introducing our new Social Media & Digital Arts Marketer – Sophia

Hi, I’m Sophia, the new Social Media & Digital Arts Marketer. I’m your go to for social media strategies, website dilemmas and a friendly voice at the end of the phone. I have a passion for the Arts, having performed in several pieces, as well as working in Arts marketing and Development previously. Also, I […]

Introducing our new Web Developer – Jamie

Hello, I’m Jamie, the new Web Developer at HdK, you’ll probably meet me if I’m developing your website/app or integrating tech into them. I studied Music at University then lived in Asia for almost two years teaching English and Music. During this time, I traveled as much as possible and had the chance to explore online […]

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Like busses, similar new technologies often follow one another at short intervals. This is the case with Augmented Reality or AR and it’s similarity to Virtual Reality.  Like our recent article on VR, we wanted to examine the potential for Augmented Reality in the arts. Augmented Reality is a technology that superimposes computer generated information over a […]

5 social media features – and how to use ‘em!

If you work on the digital marketing side of things, you’re probably on edge with the endless stream of new updates, social media tools and advertising features, and wondering how you can find time to make use of them in all your campaigns. I can’t help with the nervous disposition, (that said, my recent blog post […]

Getting to Hyper Drive – when should you embrace the latest technology?

Over the years, we’ve seen how many of our clients get excited by the latest technology such as Live Streaming, Social Media or mobile phone apps. However, there are usually three issues they contend with:  can they afford it; where do they get the right expertise to help them; and most of all, how can their organisation […]

Student visit

The office has never been so full as the day when Sally Mould, Module Leader – creative digital imaging,  brought some of her students from London Metropolitan University into the Studio. It was fun swapping stories about what they’re learning with what we do on a day to day basis. They were a group full of […]

Using impactful visuals to sell the arts

We invited the wonderful Jane Hobson to talk about how careful planning results in stunning photographs – something she happens to be an expert in! – and ultimately, bums on seats. © Jane Hobson. Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet in “Necessity, Again”, by Jo Stromgren, Festspielhaus, Baden Baden, Germany, for Dance Consortium It’s only words… or is it? […]

How to be mindful at work

Mindfulness is a mental state that involves living in the present, staying in tune with our surroundings and being more aware of our thoughts, feelings and actions. Sarah practises mindfulness in and out of the office, advocating that being ‘mindful’ in the workplace increases productivity, focus and overall well being – as recommended by experts! I […]

Baked Goods

We love cake. Anyone who knows us well knows this to be a fundamental truth. We wanted to put our love of cake to a good cause in our first office Bake Off – this time for Comic Relief. We all brought our home made cakes in and offered them to the the other offices in […]

Starting an Instagram account from scratch?

In 2012, Facebook paid 1 billion dollars for Instagram, an app that had 30 million users and only 13 employees. Fast-forward to 2017 and Instagram is a social media powerhouse, with over 500 million users and 40 billion photos shared every day. I’ve been having conversations with clients recently around Instagram, its growing popularity and its […]

When technology gets boring things get interesting…

The writer Clay Shirky wrote “Communications tools don’t get socially interesting until they get technologically boring”.  Well, here are five technologies we think will become boring in 2017 so we can all  get on with the job of making them socially interesting. 1. Live Social You can’t have missed it. Facebook have run a massive […]

How to get affordable professional live streaming

Facebook Live and similar live features on other platforms are going to be big in 2017. We can tell because so many of our clients are asking how they can make the most of the opportunities now available to them.  Clients thinking about their Digital Policy and Plan as part of the current Arts Council NPO applications […]

How Virtual Reality will change the arts

Virtual Reality or VR is something a lot of people are very excited about. The technology is still in its infancy yet it is already clear VR has the possibilities to do absolutely anything we can imagine. The concept is simple: you strap on a headset and you’re transformed to a different reality. I was lucky enough […]

HdK’s Online Booking plugin

A system for selling tickets to events where you don’t have to pay a  licence fee or per transaction fee is now available. In 2016, HdK built a WordPress plug-in for two of its clients that does just that. A one off fee to customise the plug-in and then the usual costs to a payment gateway like […]

Bespoke Digital Marketing Training

HdK have always shared experience and skills in digital marketing at conferences and seminars across the UK and Europe, in journals such as JAM and Arts Professional and through consultancy. We now offer bespoke training sessions in our new Hoxton office near Old Street in East London. Topics include: Social Media Planning, Specific channels such […]

Keep up with social in 2017

Happy New Year! We hope you’re settling in nicely to 2017. Social media accounts for a third of all our time spent online, and this will only grow this year together with a number of exciting social media trends such as artificial intelligence, live video and virtual reality (lots to keep up with!) So now that the […]

HdK’s Mannequin challenge

HdK had a go at the Mannequin Challenge! We hope you enjoy this… Have a wonderful holiday. All the best, HdK

How to figure out what content people are after on your website

  We’ve all visited a website as some point and not found the content we were after. Some users might simply leave the website, others will use the designated search field. The search field on your site can reveal exactly what your visitors are after. Giving you a great tool to optimize your website. To […]

The Julehygge Playlist for Christmas

Hans writes: I remember making my first mixtape with the help of my friend Vicky’s parents back in the seventies. It was music from their collection and introduced me to the likes of the Mammas and Pappas and Neil Diamond on one side and classical hits like Rossini’s The Thieving Magpie Overture and the theme for 2001: […]

How to get the right data about your users

Google analytics is a wonderful place for a digital marketer – it provides a wealth of data about the people using our website which can be sorted, analysed and filtered to our heart’s content. Google Analytics naturally shows everything on the website, including stats from everyone exploring the site, whether they’re working, visiting or editing. We […]

Are you Insta-savvy? Tips from Sarah on growing your Instagram audience

Sarah can talk for hours on what to do or not to do on social, so  she’s compiled a short list of tips that will help you grow your Instagram following and be more Insta-savvy. 1. HAVE A PLAN Like with most things in life, it’s best to be prepared. An Instagram strategy doesn’t have to be complex, […]

The one thing your site needs – Google Tag Manager

Today we live in a world where more than three billion people are online.  It has never been easier to reach more people at the same time than the age we live in right now. With the increased number of people online an old issue arises. How do I know if people are seeing my content and how do […]