Introducing our new Web Developer – Jamie

21 July, 2017

We are welcoming the lovely Jamie to the HdK team, he'll be your go- to for any website help.



I’m Jamie, the new Web Developer at HdK, you’ll probably meet me if I’m developing your website/app or integrating tech into them.

I studied Music at University then lived in Asia for almost two years teaching English and Music. During this time, I traveled as much as possible and had the chance to explore online performing arts communities. I gradually became more interested in technology for the arts which led to the decision of diving into web development, studying at the General Assembly Immersive Bootcamp based in London, upon my return to the UK.

My ambition is to focus on tech within the creative, music and charity industries. I’d like my work to contribute to impacting others’ everyday lives in a positive and subtle way, whilst making the arts more accessible. Alongside this, I continue to work as a freelance musician, teaching, and performing in London. I perform in a duet and a jazz orchestra.

I’m very much looking forward to meeting and working with all performing arts clients at HdK.

Jamie - Web Developer