The one thing your site needs – Google Tag Manager

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Smiling tags because they're doing their job in Google Tag Manager

Today we live in a world where more than three billion people are online.  It has never been easier to reach more people at the same time than the age we live in right now. With the increased number of people online an old issue arises. How do I know if people are seeing my content and how do they find it?  There are a number of different solution including Google Analytics as well as Facebook and Twitter remarketing.  These tools give us the ability target advertising as well as collect all sorts of different data about how our users interact with us.

An issue which often pops up is managing all the snippets of code that these different services require us to add to our website. Each time, they require implementing a piece of code on the website sometimes referred to as a pixel. Usually you would ask your developer to do this. but it might take time to implement and incur charges. Then, further down the line you need the code taken off the site.

Google Tag Manager solves this problem. By asking us to add a single piece of code to your website you will be able to add any further tracking codes directly yourself. And failing that, it will be quicker and cheaper for us to do it for you. It will all be done through a simple Google login. Whenever you want to add a new tracking code it is as easy as copying and pasting the pixel or code supplied into Google Tag Manager and pressing publish. The code has been added to your site – simple as that.

To learn more about Tag Manager and how to get started using it, get in touch for a chat about the features it offers and integrating it into your website.