How to get affordable professional live streaming

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Camera to facilitate livestreaming

Facebook Live and similar live features on other platforms are going to be big in 2017. We can tell because so many of our clients are asking how they can make the most of the opportunities now available to them.  Clients thinking about their Digital Policy and Plan as part of the current Arts Council NPO applications process feel its a good opportunity to explore the benefit of live elements in their strategy.

We invited Andre Portisio, Director and Executive Producer at to update us on a device that will help make high quality affordable live streams.

Andre writes:

In late 2016, Livestream company revolutionised broadcasting solutions by launching Mevo Live Event Camera. This pocket-sized live streaming camera allows you to edit while you capture live videos.

Mevo combines a camera, a live streaming platform, and a video switcher to form an all-in-one story-telling device. The camera fits a UHD 4K sensor behind a 150° wide-angle lens in which the configuration endows the Live Event Camera with the capability of supporting 9 virtual camera angles at 720p resolution. Relaying on a single camera operator, it transforms a single frame from Mevo into multiple live shots right from an iPhone.

The ability to streamline production without compromising the quality of content democratises live stream capabilities and provide an affordable yet sophisticated solution to reach and engage current and new audiences.

Mevo is particularly good to live stream in-studio rehearsals, R&Ds and other intimate performances, talks, discussions, seminars, training and conferences.

Events can be streamed on multiple platforms including Facebook Live where you have the option to keep the broadcasting content live in your page thereby combining quality, engagement, affordability, convenience and easy to reach solution.