HdK’s Online Booking plugin

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Keyboard making online booking simple and easy

A system for selling tickets to events where you don’t have to pay a  licence fee or per transaction fee is now available. In 2016, HdK built a WordPress plug-in for two of its clients that does just that. A one off fee to customise the plug-in and then the usual costs to a payment gateway like PayPal is all that is required to be able to set up events and sell tickets.

Last year, HdK developed a WordPress plugin for The Research Club for their marketing events. It currently works for general admission events where seat allocation is not required. Another client is performer and artist from the Pussycat DollsKimberly Wyatt and her Dance Academy which has a series of masterclasses this February in London and Manchester.

Features of the system include the ability to set how many tickets are available, the ticket price and promotion codes for discounts. Customers receive personalised confirmation emails, while their details are all available online or downloadable. Sensitive payment details are managed by the chosen payment gateway (such as PayPal or WorldPay) to avoid any risk or complicated security arrangements. There are no limit to the amount of events you set up and no extra cost the more events or tickets you sell.

The plugin is ideal for any of our clients who have general admission events such as workshops, talks as well as performances but don’t want to pay the fees for an online ticketing company. It’s just the start and with more investment through future projects, there are endless possibilities to how the system can be developed. Let us know if you want more details.